September 16, 2013

Enchanting Sapa through the lens of Thai photographer

During his recent visit to Vietnam, Thai photographer Anan Charoenkal had a chance to visit Sapa and shot stunning photos of this land in the ripe rice season.

Sapa in the harvest season.

The impressive arrays of colors.

In September, Sapa enters the new harvest.

Life is simple.
Morning dew on the terraced fields.

The ladders to heaven.



Blue sky, white clouds, yellow rice.

The harvest time has come.

Source: VietNamNet 

ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA would like recommend Sapa Trekking & Homestay tour.At an elevation of 1,600 meters, Sapa is a delightful former French hill station situated in the mountainous region of Vietnam's northwest, close to the Chinese border. The region is home to many ethnic minority groups, each wearing traditional and colorful attire. This trip includes a trek through the hills and valleys of the Sapa region, discovering several different minorities along the way. You will experience overnight accommodation in the hospitable villages of Giay and Tay ethnic minorities. The apparent hardships are worth it though as we walk through some of the most spectacular scenery that Vietnam has to offer and experience unique villages culture. 


  • Awesome scenery
  • Rice terraces
  • Colorful minority groups 
  • Homestays in minority villages

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