April 17, 2012

Halong Bay in Asia's top five tropical island paradises

CNN (USA) recently listed Vietnam's Ha Long Bay ito the Asia's top five tropical island pradises where have the most beautiful sunsets that visitors should not miss. Accordingly, five sites were selected including Anambas Islands (Indonesia), Langwaki (Malaysia), two islands of Koh Chang; Similan (Thailand) and Ha Long Bay (Vietnam).

The results are given based on survey and evaluation of tourism professionals, academics, journalists credibility of tourism in Asia. "Halong Bay in northwestern Vietnam is one of the most stunning destinations that visitors can travel by boat to watch sea, take kayak, better than anywhere else in the world"  McDonald - editor, and founder of the Asian travel site travelfish - on CNN said.

Kayaking to explore the wonderland of karst

Fishing squid in the evening

Relaxing on junk and enjoy the sunset 

Comprising a vast coastal waterway of roughly 2,000 islands spread over an area of 1,500 square kilometers, carving out your own sailing space shouldn't be too much of a problem. While tranquil waters year round make sure going for a swim is always a pleasure

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