August 20, 2010

Discover Cambodia’s Hidden Treasures

Once the site of horrible crimes against humanity, Cambodia is a beautiful country with a rich culture and a people who, in spite of the tragedy only a generation ago, are warm and bouncing back with incredible hope and life. From the stunning outline of the Angkor Watt complex to the scenic coastlines and deep jungles, Cambodia has a lot to offer an adventurous traveler.

Angkor Temples, CambodiaAngkor Temples, Cambodia

You can explore sprawling rice terraces, visit quaint villages and learn about a resilient people determined to move forward from the days of the Killing Fields and reclaim their spectacular and diverse country. However, with poor infrastructure and a tourism industry still in its infancy (unlike neighboring Thailand), Cambodia can still be a logistically difficult place to explore on your own. That’s why signing up for a small group adventure tour could be the perfect way to explore this beautifully rich and diverse country.

So, ok, I know what you are thinking. “A travel tour? Isn’t that what old people do?” The answer is no. You certainly won’t have to worry about venturing around Cambodia next to blue-haired Edna and her husband Bob.

In fact, these tours have you on trains, boats, cyclos, riding elephants and traveling on foot, adventuring through remote and spectacular areas of the country. The truth is travel tours have come a long way since the days of giant air-conditioned buses and old ladies. Today there are tours designed specifically for the independent, adventure traveler.

That’s right—active, interesting and adventurous tours that allow travelers to explore and experience a foreign place. First off, they keep the groups small, usually capping out at 16 people, so you won’t be traveling around with some awkwardly huge group of gawking tourists. Second, these tours don’t just scratch the surface of the places you visit.

In fact, by using a combination of local and experienced guides, you’ll often see and experience MORE than you would on your own. Also, because these tours have already been developed to showcase the best of the best, you’ll save yourself from countless hours of potentially pointless research trying to find out where to go and what to eat. So, pack your best jungle wear and get ready for the cultural adventure of a lifetime!

Best of Vietnam and Cambodia
The best of Cambodia and Vietnam is unveiled on this journey from Bangkok to Hanoi. Discover the region’s culture and beauty as we visit the stunning temples of Angkor, take a cross-border boat journey along the Mekong and immerse in Vietnam’s markets and vibrant streets. Add to the adventure an overnight boat-stay on Halong Bay, friendly locals and lots of scrumptious food, and the only thing left for you to do is choose a date.

The Great Indochina Loop
Get set to discover something new and different every day, as we travel from the hidden treasures of Thailand and the laidback lanes of Laos, to the fabulous vibrancy of Vietnam and the engaging charisma of Cambodia. Get to know the locals, sample sumptuous cuisines, sail over pristine waters and scramble through a wealth of temples on this great adventure that gives you a chance to experience the heart of enthralling Indochina.

Ancient Angkor Wat
Built over a period of 400 years by a number of different rulers, and covering an area of more than 400 sq km, the temple complex of Angkor Wat was only rediscovered 150 years ago. This magnificent site holds incredible structures and sculptures from the Khmer Empire and is one of the most important archaeological sites in Southeast Asia. A UNESCO World Heritage Site with beautiful gardens, stone carvings, and endless photo opportunities, a visit to magical and mysterious Angkor will remain with you forever.

Cambodia and Laos Mekong Adventure
With the mighty Mekong mapping much of the route, explore the incredible historical, architectural, sacred and scenic highlights of Cambodia and Laos. This is a world of busy markets and stunning textiles, tranquil temples and awesome Khmer ruins. Try to spot rare river dolphins and relax in riverside cafes to watch magnificent sunsets.

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