May 26, 2010

Tips for choosing the best adventure travel companies of Asia

This is a quick guide on how to find and choose adventure companies worldwide.

You can read a series of resources and find the right places to start you search…

Trek Babe,  VietnamTrek Babe, Vietnam

Have you ever tried to do a Google search for “Adventure travel companies in Asia” or similar?

The last time I did this I’ve found only a Jungle of websites with thousand of offers for packages, discounted tours, etc…

How could I choose the best one between a so big list of agencies and trips in quick way?

Sure! (I said) The traveler's review of the best adventure tour operators of Asia provided by the Nation Geographic, Lonely Planet or tripadvisor will help!

I have to say that the directory is really good and comprehensive.
You can browse the companies by:
  • Quality score
  • Type of activities
  • Destination
  • Price
I’ve to say that maybe it’s to much detailed. It lists agencies that have travel itineraries around different countries.

But there is a problem. If you try to do a search, you’ll find the same tour companies in the top of the list.

Search n°1 (Search for Overall quality + Biking / Cycling + Africa)
Search n°2 (Search for Overall quality + Biking / Cycling + Europe)
Search n°3 (Search for Overall quality + Biking / Cycling + U.S. and Canada)

In the top of the list there the same 3 tour companies

Make the URL of the page changing so I send a page with my search or save it for the future
It’s not possible to browse by country but only for continent.

Tips to search and compare Adventure companies

The greatest thing you can do is to search following these 3 simple steps:
  • Set the country of interest (ie. Adventure travel companies in Italy)
  • Set the type of activity (i.e. Bicycle tours, Trekking trips, etc..) or specialty (family, small groups, women only, etc…)
  • Mix up the words and make a list to search on Google (synonyms are good ways to find new concepts)
More specific means exactly results.

For example you should search for:

Vietnam adventure travel companies
Adventure travel agencies in Vietnam
Bicycle tours company in Vietnam
Company specialized in Trekking tours in Vietnam
Directory of Adventure travel packages
Tour operator that organizes small group tours
And so on….
Once you do the searches You’ll have a list of companies…and now?

How to rate the tour operators

To valuate them you can:
  • See if they are listed in the National geographic directory and traveler's reviews in Lonely Planet or Tripadvisor
  • See if they provide information to trip participants
  • See how environment friendly they are
  • Evaluate the level of customer service (chat, mail timing, etc…)
  • See how effective adventurous they are
  • Search for traveler reviews or similar (Word of mouth, etc…)
  • If they are registered with the Adventure Travel Trade Association

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