May 28, 2010

How choose the best adventure destinations

The world is big, if you search for unusual travels, you’ll have to search for unusual places…

After the first tutorials on planning an adventure tour and choosing an adventure company, it’s the turn of choosing a destination.

Offroad riding,VietnamOffroad riding, Ho Chi Minh Trail, Vietnam

How to choose the right destination

It’s not easy to choose the right destination. We could talk with our friends, read news papers, internet etc…but generally you’ll find only well known, crowded and “Tourists Shopper” destinations.

Step by step guide to find new destinations quickly

Let me share my experience:

“I live under the Etna in Sicily. When I’ve started my first blog on the Volcano Etna I started to search for new travel info. The results were amazing! I discovered a lot of new places I’ve never heard before.”

So…if I can’t know all the travel destinations in my home country, how can foreign traveler do?
Here 3 simple ways to find new destinations

1. Emotional, getting the right inspiration

Emotional means finding destination while you are not searching for them.

* You can “steal” the ideas of other traveler by following forums or communities
* Take a Globe and choose a random point
* …Or use Random Country
* Go in a travel agency and grab as much as brochures possible. Use them to playing cards
* Sum your date of birth and see what’s the country code result. Mine is 27-April-1983 2+7+4+1+9+8+3=34 Spain
* Subscribe to Google sightseeing
* Be inspired by the blogger
* Subscribe to See before you die place of the day

Place of the day

2. Go Social, do what other people already do

Searching on the web is hardly. There are so much websites to read that it’s very difficult to grab a piece of good information.

You have to register a profile, then deep digger the website and at least read the same info on multiple people’s reviews and stories.

If you trust word of mouth or reviews sharing websites here how to find the right info in the easiest way.

* Ask your friends, family, people you meet in the street and so on…
* Read this list of what’s hot for the next season
* Follow Wikitravel off the beaten paths
* Facebook’s has a good application to see what’s hot among its users
* Travelistic (The Youtube for travel) gives a list of the top destinations
* Browse the popular tags on Flickr to find pictures of places you’ve never heard before

3. How to find and choose scientifically

Here the step by step process

1° Define what’s you traveler your profile

Type of traveler:

* Solo
* Women
* Gay
* Family
* Elderly
* Pet
* Couple
* Honeymoon

Type of activities

* Multi sport
* Adventure
* Trekking
* Mountain Bike
* Cycling

Type of destination

* Mountain
* City
* Beach
* Country
* Sea
* Natural parks

Type of service

* Independent
* Small groups
* Vacation package

2° Mix them all, here some examples…

* Independent adventure travel destination for a couple
* Small groups active trips for elderly
* Family vacation package spots
* Honeymoon adventure travels
* Women only adventure destinations
* And so on…

3° Type a search phrase in Google or other search engines.

That’s it!…Good luck and happy vacations!

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