May 24, 2010

The Future of Tourism - Vietnam and world

What’s the future of the tourism industry in the next five years?

While many in the tourism industry are asking that question most are already seeing and adapting to the inevitable changes.

Those in the know seem to feel that although there will be a decrease in the overall numbers of people traveling it won’t be as awful as you might assume. The trend so far seems to be that vacationers will still travel, but their tourism plans will be closer to home with traveling long distances being curtailed.

What this means is that vacationing families will plan their trips to be closer to home than in the past and they will combine some of their travel with visiting family at holidays or with business.

Other changes in the tourism industry will be that those traveling will stay longer at each destination in order to keep expenses as low as possible. Additionally it seems to follow those lines that there will be more use of recreational vehicles by those owning them instead of hotel or motel stays and possibly more people taking camping type vacations.

With the use of either recreational vehicles or camping; food and lodging costs could be kept more closely within a family’s normal budget.

Some of the ways that the industry will be able to combat the changes will be by offering discounts to travelers to encourage longer stays, group discounts, better meal prices by encouraging family style dining and those types of changes.

Already as a means to cut expenses many hotels and motels are requesting that consumers not have their bedding and towels changed daily, but instead using these items for two or three days in order to keep laundry costs down as well as labor costs for housekeeping staff. It’s less time consuming to pick up a room and make the beds than it is to strip the linens and remake the beds thereby cutting costs.

For those wishing to travel longer distances especially by air there will be more need to plan ahead in order to take advantage of lower costs, but as the tourism industry changes there will be more reward for those that do plan ahead.

Another way a consumer may look at travel and tourism is to look for all inclusive packages for travel, lodging and food similar to how cruise lines package their cruises.

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