April 08, 2010

Cycling around the amazing countryside of Vietnam - City Slickers

I've been on vacation over the past few weeks and have to apologise for the upkeep of this blog. I've been busy cycling around the amazing countryside of Vietnam where I've had the experience of a lifetime.

There's no better way to immerse yourself in a country than traveling by bike
Photo: Wade Wallace

There was a time in my life when I would have never considered riding a bike to see a country. It seemed too cumbersome, too challenging, too tiring. The point of a vacation is to relax, right? How my mind has changed. The trips I've taken by bike have been the most fulfilling and satisfying vacations of my life.

Cycling allows you to get up close and immerse yourself in a country. It gives you the flexibility to go with the flow and allow unplanned experiences to take you away. It takes you off the beaten path. You can take detours or change your plans on a whim. It slows things down and it becomes obvious that it's all about the journey and not about the destination. You'll get photos of things that no other tourists get while on route.

When you want to stop at a restaurant or cafe, all you have to do is simply pull over and walk right in. People will be curious of your journey and it always leads to conversation with interesting characters. The best part about it is that you can eat anything and everything you want. You'll be burning through the calories and earning your next pastry. There's no such thing as a post vacation diet.

The appealing thing about a cycling vacation is that everyone in the world can relate to the bike. There's an instant connection to so many people. You immerse yourself in the country and the bike is a symbol of someone who has taken down the barriers. The incredible experiences I've had on my cycling vacations would have never come about if it weren't for the doors opened by the bike.

Have you ever taken a cycling holiday? What is your best experience that was brought upon by being the bike?

Source: Wade Wallace from smh.com.au

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