October 07, 2009

Conquering Lang Bian mountain, Dalat city, Vietnam

Standing in downtown Da Lat on clear days visitors can see the Lang Bian mountain range with its highest peak being at a latitude of 2,169m above sea level. Situated about 12km north of Da Lat City, Lang Bian is one of the three highest mountains on Lam Vien plateau, Da Lat.

Da Lat, Vietnam

Da Lat, Vietnam

With its miraculous beauty and wild features, every year Lang Bian mountain, which was named after Lang and his lover Bian in the past, attracts a large numbers of visitors, especially photographers who come to capture the second-to-non fairyland scenery.

It is interesting to conquer the two peaks of Lang Bian. For the 1,950m peak, visitors can follow a trek in the forests or take a tour organised by Dalattourist Company which uses a specialised vehicle to transport them to the peak where they can contemplate Dian Kia Lake with its clear water lying amidst the vast pine forests below. To reach the 2,169m peak visitors follow the same route as to the 1,950m peak, but when they are near the top, they veer to the right and walk through a primeval forest for two hours to reach the second peak. This is really a challenge to the visitor’s health and bravery.

Leading our team were a group of professional climbers from Dalattourist Company, some of whom are K’ho ethnic people who live in the hamlets at the foot of Lang Bian Mountain. They carried our belongings and photographic equipment while we trekked with a stick, carrying some drinking water, medicines and small camera. We had to pass over many high slopes and some age-old trees lying across the path. Sometimes there was heavy rain that caused rushing streams to develop, causing severe dangers. We had to cling to the life-lines tied to big trees and made utmost effort to climb with the assistance of the professionals. About 100m from the top of the mountain a patch of blue sky appeared. Seen from the top, Da Lat City looks magnificent in the thin mist. It was past 5pm but the weather was still scorching.

While the photographers packed up their tools after capturing the image of the sunset, a gust of cool air blew past us. In an instant the temperature fell several degrees and we had to stay inside the tents. Night fell over the camp fire. The locals treated us with dishes of the mountainous area. We were told about the legend of Lang Bian- a tale about an immortal love between Lang and Bian who overcame a severe dispute which had existed for a long time between the Lach and Chil tribes.

At night it became piercingly cold. The wind was so strong that it was pulling at our tents, seemingly to try to throw everything into the air. In a half awaken state we spotted a “sea of clouds” around the peak of the mountain. At sun rise the clouds were covered with a radiant yellow colour. It was an opportune time for the photographers to create their masterpieces.

With an ecological system of rare and precious flora and fauna, Lang Bian has been protected and preserved to become a natural eco-tourist site of a high land.

Source: vovnews

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