October 31, 2008

Marble Mountains Vietnam

Marble Mountains, Vietnam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam. It consists of five peaks. Located to the south of Da Nang city, these hills are made of marble and limestone. Nui Ngu Hanh Son is the Vietnamese name for Marble Mountains. It means Mountains of Five Elements. The five peaks are called Thuy Son (water), Moc Son (metal), Tho Son (soil) and Hoa Son (fire).

There are numerous tunnels and cave entrances in here which make it more alluring to the tourists. One of the caves had two large statues of gods guarding the entrance. Statues of Buddha are present inside many caves. Since 1975 the Marble Mountains has gained popularity as one of the major Vietnam popular destinations.

The Marble Mountains are also home to quite a few Buddhist sanctuaries. These are one of the greatest draws of Marble Mountains, Vietnam. The mountains were used by the war lords in the past to store their wealth and it was the responsibility of the monks to safeguard the wealth, the caves and the passengers. No one knows for sure how much wealth was hidden in these mountains. Only the monks as the custodians had the information and they were the only people who knew the various ways inside the mountains.

Beside the monasteries the area is prominent for stone sculpture making and stone cutting crafts. These are traditional practices and the Marble Mountains, Vietnam are renowned for its excellence in the field. In the mountains is the village of Dong Hai which has around 600 families involved in the business of stone engraving. The villagers are also skilled in jewelry and art work. Vietnam exports stones extracted from Marble Mountains. Recently the government has banned rock extraction in the area which has led to transportation of materials from the quarries in Quang Nam province.

There is a village at the base of Marble Mountains, Vietnam called Nui Kim Son meaning Mountain of Gold. Earlier it was the artisans from this village who made jewelry for the war lords. Today it is still the livelihood of many villagers.

Thuy Son (water) is the highest peak in Marble Mountains, Vietnam. Its fascinating beauty has resulted in its development as a major tourist attraction. Today it has turned into a popular tourist resort. The Tam Thai Pagoda is a major tourist attraction here. Carved into the mountains are atone steps that lead both to the Pagoda and the Huyen Khong Cave. This pagoda has an interesting history of its own. Earlier both Hindu and Buddhist gods were paid tribute here. Today it is devoted to Cham deities. The Huyen Khong Cave played an important role during the wars. It was one of the vital bases for the revolutionaries.

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