October 30, 2008

Da Lat Vietnam

et amidst valleys, lakes, waterfalls on top of a 4,900 feet mountain, Dalat,Vietnam has all the ingredients for a lovely vacation. It was established during 1897 by Alexander Yersin, a French scientist, as a holiday resort for French commanders tired of the tropical atmosphere of Vietnam. The memory of its establishment remains even till date in the ruins of the colonial mansions and in the lovely pagodas built during that time. In the recent years, Dalat in Vietnam is one of the most popular of the Vietnam tourist attractions especially for the honeymooners.

The tourist attractions in Dalat, Vietnam comprises mainly of the natural beauties like lakes, waterfalls and parks. There are also few pagodas in this region which are worth a visit. Some of the popular places of interest in Dalat are:

- Xuan Huong Lake: It is a lovely lake in Dalat which stretches for nearly 5 kilometers. This lake was created from a dam project which got destroyed by a storm and then the current Xuan Huong Lake was built in its place in 1935. Here you can rent windsurfing boards and paddle boats to take a spin around the river, though most people generally prefer taking long walks around.

- Valley of Love: It is the popular name for Thung Lung Tinh Yeu Park, located about 3.2 kilometers away from the town centre. This is nice place for taking leisurely strolls and it also has a small lake where boating can be done.

- Ho Than Tho: It is popularly known as the Lake of Sorrow after an age old myth of a young girl having drowned here for her lover. This lake is very popular among the honeymooners.

- Prenn Fall: Situated at the bottom of the Prenn pass, nearly 10 kilometers from Dalat, this place is well known for its flora and fauna. People generally come here to see its wildlife.

- Gougah Fall: About 40 km away from Dalat, this waterfall has naturally separated water ways at the center of the fall.

- Lat Village or Chicken Village: This is the village of the Co Ho people, with a huge cement sculpture of a chicken at its centre.

- Linh Phuoc Pagoda: It is a very contemporary pagoda housing a statue of Buddha made of gold and also has a very fascinating garden around it.

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