October 31, 2008

Cat Ba island Vietnam

The largest island in Halong Bay, Vietnam, Cat Ba Island, Vietnam is home to the Cat Ba National Park. The Cat Ba National Park covers an area of nearly 200 square kilometers. It has both forests and water bodies within its boundaries. The national park is an attraction to the tourists who enjoy hiking. To the east of the island is the Lan Ha Bay. This bay is famous for its excellent beaches and breathtaking scenery. The Cat Ba Island is home to two white sand beaches both located one kilometer from Cat Ba town. They are Cat Co 1 and Cat Co 2. These two beaches are interconnected by a seven hundred meters long wooden walkway.

Cat Ba Island, Vietnam is rich in flora and fauna. There are more than 600 different kinds of plants in this island. The wide variety of trees includes Bang, Goi Nep, Sang Le and Kim Giao. The island is filled with animals of rare species like the white headed langurs, deers and macaques. It is home to a number of sea animals like sea turtles, lobsters, coral, oysters and dolphins. All these features have turned Cat Ba Island into one of the major Vietnam popular destinations.

Cat Ba Island, Vietnam: Best time to visit

The best time during the year to visit the Cat Ba Island, Vietnam is October and November. The weather is best during this time of the year. During these two months the island experiences a pleasant weather to enjoy the national park, to walk on the beaches and absorb the stunning beauty of the island. Temperatures drop from December onwards thus having a chilly weather. March and April are wet, and June, July and August are hot with a high percentage of humidity.

Cat Ba Island, Vietnam: Getting there

To get to Cat Ba Island one can travel from Hanoi, Vietnam to Haiphong by train or bus and then to Cat Ba by a boat. One can travel directly to Halong Bay, Vietnam from Hanoi, Vietnam by a chartered helicopter and from there to Cat Ba by boat.

There are a number of agents who arrange for trips to the Cat Ba Island and ensure that your sightseeing in Vietnam is as hassle-free and as enjoyable as possible. Even hotels and cafes in Hanoi, Vietnam too arrange for tours to the island.

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